Network Latency or “ping” refers to the time it takes for a communication to happen, a high ping situation is normally referred to as “LAG”. High latency or “LAG” can be a result of many different things involving the internet, your devices and where they connect to.

Velocity provides a low latency connection to the internet via a wireless point to multi-point connection. The average latency within our local intranet is between 8 and 13 milliseconds. Velocity looks to have an average ping result of 50ms to google via their web address or their DNS IP of 

Technical environments that low latency is most demanded is VOIP, Live Video and Gaming. Latency and Ping times are usually measured in milliseconds, the average human will function these live services without noticing LAG up to about 300-350 milliseconds or ⅓ of a second.

What causes high latency?

Wireless interference is a primary cause of high latency, older routers or devices broadcasting in your house may be the culprit. A direct-wired connection to your router will rule out local interference.

Geographical location can often be a factor, certain services are only offered from a different location of the world will result in longer communication times (higher latency). The addition of a VPN is routing your communication to another geographical location adding more latency.

Having lots of devices may be causing a queue for your traffic either bandwidth (speed) related or latency related. A slow device or a high usage device may be causing other information to essentially queue for their turn to communicate.

These days we ask a lot more from our internet connection than we used to, if you are experiencing “LAG” there is a reason for it, we would be more than happy to help troubleshoot any issue you may find in your home. 

Our 24/7 support center can be reached at 403.537.2560, if we are not able to resolve your issue over the phone we will book you an appointment for the next available time to have a technician to your location and assist.