Billing FAQ

  • All of our packages are designed to allow for:
    • Web surfing
    • Checking emails
    • Sending and receiving pictures
    • VOIP, Skype, etc.
    • Peer to Peer and other video type web based activities
  • The main difference between packages is the speed at which you can do each of these.
  • VOIP service would see better service with Extreme or above.
  • We strongly encourage Gamers, and heavier users of Peer to Peer to use our Extreme or Ultimate packages to maximize their performance and satisfaction.

Please see our Residential Plans and our Business Plans sections

  1. Give us a call at 403-537-2560
  2. You will be asked for all your contact and billing information
  3. Choose the service level you would like
  4. You can then book your install date and time
  5. We bring equipment out to install and then you’re done!

We offer a “No Contract” option on all residential packages.

  • Monthly costs:
    • Are based on what service package you choose, Pro-rated to the end of the current month, plus any additional services not included in the “package” you choose.
    • There is a monthly device (router) fee that will work as your wifi router
  • One time costs:
    • You have 2 options:
      • No contract, and a $ 100 one time basic install fee, OR
      • With 24 month Contract you have, No Charge for the Radio equipment and no charge for the basic install.
    • Basic Installation:
        • Time up to 3 hours
        • Basic cable running to the the supplied ( required ) router
        • Basic mount
        • cable ends, screws, sealant for holes, cable anchors (snap ties, clips or staples) and wall plate
  • Example of items not covered in basic install:
    • Running cable through crawl spaces or attics
    • Drilling through concrete
    • Fishing cable through walls
    • Specialty roofs requiring climbing gear(This does not include climbing gear used for inclement weather this is free)
    • Any reasonable time beyond 3 hours (not including anything mentioned above eg. attic climb or fishing cable these times will be removed from the install time before calculating total billable install time)

Support FAQ

  1. Residential packages up to 30 Mbps
  2. Knowledgeable tech support ready to help 24/7/365 days a week
  3. Optional “No contracts”
  4. Local company
  5. No Data Limits
  6. Optional No install fees

Please see our Coverage Map. We currently service rural Alberta. From Trans Canada Hwy, north past Cremona, East towards Airdre and west Waiparous area.

Please note that trees and hills change the coverage, best option is to get a “no charge” site survey done to know if you can get our service.

There is no charge for a site survey, with one exception, If you get a site survey and it is determined that you could get our service but then choose not to get installed… there is a $ 50 fee for us doing the site survey.

  1. Go to “Account Manager” – right side of main page
  2. Log on to your account using your user name and password ( call us to set this up the first time)
  3. You can pay bills, look at past invoices and payments and much more.

When setting up emails you will need these settings.

Incoming server settings ( imap – ONLY)  POP3 no longer supported – Starting March 15th 2020

  • or
  • on ports 993 for imap
  • SSL/TLS security

Out going server settings smtp:

  • port 587 with STARTTLS security
  • password Authentication required

Please note that your username is the entire email address

Any problems making these changes please contact us at 403-537-2560

First identify the cable that comes from the customer radio (equipment outside your house ) it will come to a to little black or white box — that is the power for your “customer radio”. Disconnect the power to the customer radio and the light with go out. Wait about 15 seconds and then plug it back in. Check your computer for internet connection. If you still are having troubles please feel free to phone our tech support line at (403) 537-2560

Find your router (some common types are Linksys or Dlink) and disconnect the power plug on the back side. Wait about 15 seconds and then plug it back in. Check your computer for an internet connection. If you still are having troubles please feel free to phone our tech support line at (403) 537-2560

Please see this link for helpful information on how to setup a variety of web browsers:

Malware and Blacklisted IPs FAQ

It is very important to note IPs get blocked for a lot of reasons, but in most cases it is because emails get comprimised and your email address spams others. So before you get your IP’s removed for the Blacklist you need to make sure the thing that caused the balacklisting to happen is resolved. If you dont and the IP gets lised again it gets very hard to get it off the list.

First step to getting your IP off a Blacklist is to get your IP

  1. in web browser type         “whats my IP”
    1. The next screen will show you your IP address  ( write it down )
  2. go to
    1. Take your IP and search it
    2. This will tell you if you are on a list and in many cases why you are on the list.
  3. You might need to have you computer serviced and cleaned of virus or malware.
  4. Once you have completed the process to clean your devices… then follow the black list removal process.


With the Vmedia TV box, Yes it does! Two options – VCloud TV and PVR – Easy, Flexible, Free!

VMedia offers two great platforms so you’ll never miss your favourite shows; VCloud TV and PVR.

Our innovative VCloud TV, unique in Canada, gives you quick access to any show aired within the past 7 days up to 27 channels, including all the major Canadian and US networks. A huge range of popular programs – just a few clicks and and it’s up on your screen. That fast. That cool.

And for everything else, there is our client side PVR, which allows you to record and save any show on any subscribed channel to a convenient storage device and then watch when you want.

VMedia TV – TV on your schedule.

PVR – Record Your Favourite Shows

With our PVR (Beta), you can record any show, at any time, on any channel that you have subscribed for and watch it when you want.

This PVR function, which we call “client-side” PVR, allows you to record a show while watching it, or record one program while watching another one on another channel or set up a recording for some time later within the next 24 hours.

And PVR comes with your VBox and no need to pay for more expensive set top receiver.

With VMedia’s PVR, all you need is a handy storage device – an SD Card or USB key (2.0). Simply, set up your storage device in your VBox, highlight the program in the TV Guide or watch it live and press the Red button on your remote to record. Fast, cool and easy to use.

PVR is a great companion to our unique VCloud TV platform, and together they provide a dynamic solution for ensuring that you have access to all the shows you love to watch!

VCloud TV – Advanced “Scroll-Back” TV

Only VMedia’s VCloud gives ‘scroll- back’ TV, where you can scroll back in the week in the TV Guide on your screen, select a show you missed, click ok and it’s up on your screen. And no wait time to download.

With VCloud TV, you get quick access to any show aired within the past 7 days on 25 channels. Our list of VCloud channels includes CTV, CBC, Global, CityTV, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, CW, MyTV, TVO, CHCH, Yes TV, CTV2Barrie, CBC Ottawa, CBC Windsor, ICI, OMNI1 and OMNI2, as well as specialty channels, Silver Screen Classics, Travel & Escape, Cottage Life and OUTtv. Lots of programming to choose from. So don’t worry about missing your favorite shows – they’re always in the cloud.

VCloud TV – The way TV should be. No extra hardware. No extra charge.

Go to this link and register your app info, use your Vmedia username and password in the app to log in.


Yes, regardless of what the icon says on the website, you get Local Alberta stations, news etc.

HD TV uses up to 7 Mbps per stream


1 TV Box – needs a minimum of Ultimate Pro 

2-3 TV Boxes – needs a minimum of Velocity Pro

There is a maximum of 3 units per home on the same TV packages.

Yes you do need to have Velocity Networks internet to get our TV. Our TV solution is only available to our clients on our network.

At this time there is no option to use the TV box outside of our network.

You can have up to 5 TV Boxes per account, all with the same TV channels.

  1. 1 TV Box – needs a minimum of Extreme Pro
  2. 2-3 TV Boxes – needs a minimum of Ultimate Pro
  3. 4+ TV Boxes –  needs a minimum of Velocity Pro
  4. Max of 5 TV units / Apps per home

You may also use Roku Units we recommend only using the Roku Streaming Stick+ or above to benefit from the added wifi options, and stability.

  1. On the main screen, click on the “Settings” gear button
  2. Scroll down to “More Settings” and click
  3. Scroll to “HDMI CEC” and click
  4. The only button that should be highlighted is the CEC Switch.  Leave this button on and click all others off.
  1. On the main screen, click on the “Settings” gear button.
  2. Scroll down to “More Settings” and click.
  3. Scroll down to “Powerkey definition” and click.
  4. The default setting from the manufacturer is set ot “Sleep Now”.  Please scroll to “shutdown”  and click this on.

Please “clear the cache” from your device:

  1. Press the wrench button on your remote to access Android Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Apps and press OK
  3. Scroll all the way down to VMEDIA and press OK on it.
  4. Use the down arrow key (Navigation Key) to go down to “Clear Cache” button and then press


  1. Use the UP arrow Key to go to “Clear Data” and then press OK.
  2. On the pop up message press the right arrow key to go to OK button and then press OK on

the remote.

  1. Press “Return” or back key 4 times to get to “Welcome” screen.

8.  Follow on screen instruction to go through the quick set up.

  1. Select the Vmedia app and click on as if you were to watch channels.
  2. Scroll down to settings
  3. Scroll over to Account, click on, and log out.
  4. Log back in with your customer credentials that you and ensure channels are now working.

If not, please call Velocity Support.

Security / Viruses / Malware and more